Selene's Labyrinth 

🌙 Solve the puzzles to make your way across the mysterious Floating Isles of Endymion.

NOTE: Press Q to disable animations (for slower devices)

Special Thanks:

Jack Kutilek

Everyone at the thinky-puzzle-games discord!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withPuzzleScript
Tagsblocks, PuzzleScript
Average sessionAbout an hour


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I don't know what puzzlescript voodoo it took to achieve, but I stopped more than once to marvel at the water-reflections! The game's also a lot of fun, with some really strong perspective puzzles. Amazing work! 


Super cute game. I can see there was a lot of care put into making it visually readable despite the unusual angle. Props to you for getting it to work in PuzzleScript!


Charming, fun game. For me, had an old Sierra adventure game feel to it. Though amazing how much processor it took up. I crashed several times, but finally got it all done. Thanks, Selene.


Thanks for playing!  Sorry about the poor performance, it was maybe a bit too ambitious of a game to implement in Puzzlescript.


Update: just added a feature that lets you press Q to disable realtime animations if anyone else is finding the game a bit too resource intensive.